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Host FAQs

Q: Can I list multiple spaces?

A: Yes, you can create a listing for each space you would like to rent out. 

Q: Does it cost anything to create a listing?

A: Listing your space is 100% free.

Q: How much do hosts get paid from the listed price?

A: Hosts will receive 80% of the rental fee for the duration their space is occupied. Stash-It will retain 20% for our internal costs to keep the business running. For example, if a listed space charges $100 per month, the host will receive $80 and Stash-It will retain $20.

Q: How are prices set?

A: Hosts set the price for their space when they make a listing. Hosts can also update their prices and negotiate with renters.

Stasher FAQs

Q: What can be stored using Stash-It?

A: Per our terms and conditions, users can store boxes, furniture, vehicles, among other things. We do recommend against storing any valuable items such as jewelry or family heirlooms. Any illegal items such as drugs cannot be stored. Hosts may also list any other items they may wish to restrict on their listing.

Q: Are there any hidden fees for reserving a space?

A: No. We want to be as transparent as possible. The price listed is what you pay.

General FAQs

Q: What does Stash-It use the 20% fee for?

A: Stash-It has its own business expenses. We have to pay employee salaries, background checks, and other fees / expenses in order to keep the platform up and running.

If your question still hasn’t been answered, please reach out. Remember, there are no bad questions so don’t hesitate to contact us.